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Lasers – Cyclops 3D RGB laser projector

The Cyclops 3D is a technological breakthrough in laser projection technology. Due to the latest state of the art, high powered laser diodes the creation of the Cyclops 3D has come to fruition. This has never been possible at these powers in previous history.

Genius Laser Technology continue to be a forefront of technology pushing the boundaries of with each new product.

The Cyclops 3D is a full colour laser projector which also has the ability to move 450 degrees x 270 degrees via DMX 512 signal.

Previously lasers of this power where limited to one direction, now you have full flexibility with one laser to cover every single corner of a venue.

The Cyclops 3D is capable of, text, graphics, logos animations beam and atmospheric effects.


The Cyclops 3D are made for professional applications.They can be operated from laser software such as Laser show designer, Showtime and livepro.To operate the Cyclops 3D all you need is a laptop with an Ethernet port, this gives you full laser and dmx control over one cable. You can even run the system wirelessly.

The Cyclops 3D is perfect when you need a large amount of power from a small footprint. The Cyclops 3D RGB Laser is comparable to a 4 or 5W Argon Krypton ion laser. It is extremely cost effective and a perfect inclusion to Corporate events, large scale advertising, dance parties and productions.

The Cyclops 3D is air cooled and only requires 240VAC to operate. “standard power point”

The Cyclops 3D also has special effects filters which allow hundreds of simultaneous images, or logos to be projected at one time, from the one source.

This means you can project the same logo throughout the venue in hundreds of places at once.


  • Size (400mm x 500mm x 750mm)
  • Weight (40 Kgs)
  • Power 3W-8W
  • Colours (Full colour)
  • Type ( DPSS)
  • 230 VAC Single Phase
  • PC Link
  • DMX control
  • Real Time Control
  • Full 3D Text and Graphics Capabilities
  • 45 Degree Optical Angle