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Services – Fog Curtain

Genius Laser Technology, has manufactured their own Fog curtain.

The Fog curtain can be used with any type of laser projector or video projector.
The fog curtain literally creates a projection surface out of thin air. Laser and video can simultaneously be projected on the fog curtain from either front or rear projection.

The fog curtain is dry to the touch and presenters can walk straight through the screen without any hazardous effects.

The fog curtain comes in lengths of 2 Meter sections and can be combined with multiple units to produce any length required.

The fog curtain works best in low or no wind conditions.

The fog curtain requires tap water to run and has its own reservoir for short term use. For permanent installations the fog curtain can be attached to a water source.

Genius Laser Technology have fog curtains available for hire.

contact us for a quotation.

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