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Services – Projection and inflatable screens

Genius Laser Technology, has a range of large scale projection screens, for promotional and corporate events.


The inflatable projection spheres are a 5M diameter projection surface. They produce excellent results with laser projection, video projection or intelligent lighting.

They can be used in many different ways and are perfect for projection mapping as show above.

Indoors: As massive illuminated features or spherical projection surfaces, or even glowing features lit up with intelligent lighting.

Outdoors: As large spherical billboards or projection screens

On the water: We have specific spheres that can be used on water as floating projection screens

In the air: They can be filled with helium to make them float whilst being projected onto via laser or video projection.

Genius Laser Technology have large scale screens and inflatable spheres available for hire.


These screens can be used to project corporate presentations, logos, visuals and animations. They are made of a special material which enhance the laser to produce stunning visual effects.

Combining these screens with an outdoor pyrotechnics show produces a fantastic visual experience sure to impress any client.

Screen size is adjustable and can be as large as 9 Meters wide by 5 Meters High.

Genius Laser Technology has large scale screens and inflatable spheres available for hire.

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