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Services – Remote Interactive

Remote Interactive is a remote controlled, self powered mobile platform with on board mobile 240VAC power and a huge carrying capacity.  This gives you the ability to mobilise any devise which is usually connected to a power point. To view a video follow this link

Some examples of how to use Remote Interactive.

Expos – LED screens can provide directional and general information to people arriving at an expo or event. Our dual sided LED screens can move around the exhibition arena communicating information, promotional messages and delivering interactive experiences to more people. With the added option of audio there is no better way to get your information out to the whole expo. The base can be modified for example, a mobile product stand such as a tool display or partnered with promotional staff to interact with expo visitors.

Sporting events – Mobile props, sponsor promotions, giant inflatables moving around the arena and trophy presentation special effects. Sporting trophies magically floating across the ground on a raised plinth. Independently powered speaker units seamlessly moving on and off the arena. Special effects such as laser shows and pyrotechnics.

Events and conferences – Interactive table seating displays with RF name tag interactive technology, portable displays for unique conference concepts, PPT presentations, mobile lecterns.

Special effects – laser and lighting, audio, pyrotechnics, arena spectaculars.

Mobile Audio – radio mic enabled, spruikers, DJ’s, pop up fashion parades.

Flash Mobs – Mobile audio suddenly appears for the performance and then seamlessly disappears.

Advertising and promotions – interactive experiences, product automation, marketing concepts.

Retail – Screens moving through shopping centres advertising specials throughout the centre. A fantastic way to engage shoppers.