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Sms & Twitter to Video & Laser

SMS and Twitter to laser allows live streaming or tweets and SMS text messages to be projected via laser or video onto large projection surfaces.

The way it works

You setup an sms campaign where guests see a scrolling laser message.

SMS to 0444555898 to see your message displayed here.
Guests send their message our system which then scans each message using very sophisticated filtering techniques. If a message is detected that has inappropriate language, you can opt to do any of the following:

  • Replace the foul language with certain characters like “???”.
  • Block the message entirely
  • Block the user from sending any more messages for some period of time (or forever).

If it all checks out the message is displayed as either scrolling laser Text or video text.
This can be setup to include branding and event specific information.


Advertising for your event and brand.
Instant live Feedback for events and trade shows.
Interactive SMS voting, Instantly poll the crowd, and find out who and what they like the most.
Live text to screen, participants can text their favorite shout outs, rants, and raves to various screens throughout your venue or event.
Text to win, run various text to win campaigns for free prizes and give-a ways. Texts to win promotions are extremely popular, and are a great way to build your brand awareness.


Adds a unique element to the event and allows your guests to interact live through the event.
Produces unique branding opportunities for your event.

The database creation feature automatically stores the cell phone numbers of users who participate in any of the systems text message features, including text to screen chat, SMS voting, Text to Win campaigns, and more. So any time someone texts in, you have added an additional contact to your database – AUTOMATICALLY
You can also use the system to send out a bulk text message blast letting people know about your upcoming specials, promotions, events and more.