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Services – Water Screens ,Programmable Water Fountains & Water Curtains

Water Screens

Genius Laser Technology, have produced large scale water screens, for theme parks, promotional and corporate events.

Our water screens produce a brilliant projection surface that are perfect for video and laser projection.

Our water screens are adjustable and can be as large as 30 Meters wide by 10 Meters High.

We can also produce the content to make the water screen most effective.

We have roll out water screens for hire in our warehouse.

We can also produce permanent turn key water screens complete with one touch customized software  for Theme parks and theme park rides.


Programmable Water Fountains

Genius Laser Technology, also have programmable water fountains to complement their water screens or use them standalone.  They can shoot up to 12 Meters in height and shoot in 3 dimension space. They come with submersible coloured lighting and the entire  system is dmx 512 controlled.   these systems are ready to roll out and available in our Melbourne warehouse.


Water Curtains

Genius Laser Technology, also have water curtains available. The water curtain produces a wall of water which can be used to project laser and video onto. The water curtain can be used indoor or outdoors and is expandable to any length.

When used indoors the water curtain recycles the water it uses so it can be run for any duration of time.


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