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Kvant Laser Projectors

Genius Laser Technology is an Australian distributor of Kvant laser projectors and products. Below is a list of products from Kvant including a brief description.
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Kvant Laser Projectors

BeamBrush Laser Projectors

Kvant Australia Beam Brush Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Beam Brush

Introducing the BeamBrush projector—an exceptional full-color RGB laser display system that goes beyond traditional laser effects. With real-time beam size adjustment, the BeamBrush takes laser graphics, animations, and abstracts to a whole new level, offering a unique feature not found in other projectors.

Experience the versatility of the BeamBrush as it replicates the effects of moving heads and wash lights, expanding its suitability and effectiveness for a wide range of lighting applications. With the ability to program an unlimited number of gobos in the software, your creative possibilities are endless.

Enhancing laser safety for audience scanning shows, the BeamBrush's adjustable beam size not only allows for impressive visual effects but also provides a sophisticated tool for more efficient measures. Ensure a safer experience with precise control over beam intensity.

Choose from three power options—7-Watt, 10-Watt, and 40-Watt—to meet your specific requirements. The BeamBrush also includes all the advanced features found in our other KVANT projectors and is fully compatible with standard accessories.

Upgrade your lighting experience with the innovative BeamBrush projector and unlock a world of creative possibilities

Burstberry Laser Projectors

Kvant Australia Burstberry Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Burstberry FB4

The Kvant Burstberry—a compact, all-in-one 2W full-color RGB laser display system with a built-in burst effect and a powerful 3W white LED blinder.

With Burstberry, you can effortlessly create breathtaking laser effects that were once deemed impossible to achieve. Experience the versatility and power of this innovative device, unlocking a world of super-cool laser displays.

Managing a complex setup comprising multiple Burstberries has never been easier, thanks to the seamless control via the ArtNet protocol. Take full control of your setup and unleash your creativity with simplicity and precision.

Clubmax Laser Projectors

Kvant Australia Clubmax Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Clubmax

Join the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who have experienced the excellence of Clubmax FB4 lasers throughout the years. Renowned for their exceptional quality and impressive value retention, Clubmax FB4 systems have established a stellar reputation in the industry. Today, we proudly present the 3rd generation of this timeless bestseller, meticulously crafted to perfection.

Discover the versatility of Clubmax FB4 lasers, available in a range of power options from 3 to 40 Watts. This latest generation offers a revolutionary and straightforward solution for a wide variety of venues and shows. Whether it's an intimate private club, a cozy venue, or a grand outdoor spectacle, Clubmax FB4 lasers are the perfect choice.

Engineered to thrive in challenging environments, the design of the Clubmax FB4 lasers is optimized for long maintenance intervals, ensuring uninterrupted performance when it matters most. Say goodbye to frequent interruptions and enjoy peace of mind during your shows.

Furthermore, the automated color balancing feature guarantees precise and consistent colors across all Clubmax projectors within your setup. Experience vibrant and accurate visuals that captivate your audience, creating a visually stunning and cohesive display.

Upgrade your lighting experience with the cutting-edge Clubmax FB4 lasers, the pinnacle of our bestseller series. Explore the possibilities and elevate your shows to new heights with unrivaled quality and reliability.

Logolas Laser Projectors

Kvant Australia Logolas Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Kvant Logolas

Introducing LogoLas, the ultimate professional laser display system designed specifically for outdoor laser advertising, high visibility signage, facade illumination, and crowd flow management applications. Encased in a rugged industrial-grade housing, LogoLas is built to withstand the elements and deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments.

LogoLas offers a comprehensive solution for permanent installations, providing an integrated control interface within its design. With its user-friendly interface, managing and controlling the laser display system becomes effortless. Additionally, the IP-rated robust build ensures durability and reliability even in harsh conditions.

Unleash the power of LogoLas and revolutionize your outdoor advertising, signage, and crowd flow management strategies. Experience unparalleled visibility and captivate your audience with stunning laser displays. With LogoLas, your installations will stand out and make a lasting impact.

Atom Laser Projectors Kvant Australia Atom Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Atom

Discover the Atom series lasers, the perfect balance between our lower output Clubmax systems and our flagship Spectrum projectors.

The Atom units share the same structural design as our world-class Spectrums, featuring the innovative foam aluminium material for the chassis. However, they offer a more economical price point, thanks to a few strategic differences.

Experience the latest Atom, meticulously crafted as a semiconductor FAC-diode based full-color laser display system. This powerhouse delivers impressive output, unified beams, vibrant colors, and advanced control features and connections, ensuring a top-notch user experience.

Unlike many other manufacturers, our Atoms excel in beam divergence, maintaining a guaranteed power output across the entire scanning range. This unique capability sets them apart and showcases their superiority.

Even in power-demanding applications, our Atoms have already proven their potential while maintaining a reasonable sales price. Unleash the power of the Atom series and elevate your laser displays to unmatched levels of excellence.

Spectrum Laser Projectors 

Kvant Australia Spectrum Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Spectrum

Introducing the latest Spectrum series, a culmination of Kvant expertise, cutting-edge laser technology, and the invaluable feedback from laser display professionals worldwide.

Experience the impeccable design and functionality of Spectrum laser projectors, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance. With superb beam quality, a vast array of colours, and inspiring features, these projectors empower you to achieve remarkable success. Seamlessly integrate them into your existing systems with comprehensive control options.

Choose from three versions of the Spectrum series: the 34-Watt ROGB, 37-Watt RYGB, and 55-Watt RYGB models, each equipped with an additional Orange or Yellow OPSL module. Our latest breakthroughs in beam-shaping techniques ensure these projectors emit an extraordinary amount of luminosity, guaranteeing a seriously bright display.

Furthermore, the Spectrum series boasts a rigid foam aluminum chassis with a cushioned heatsink, advanced thermal management, and ergonomic design. Working with Spectrum projectors becomes stress-free, exciting, and enjoyable.

With the latest Spectrum series, you can immerse yourself in a world of creativity. Sit back, relax, and let your imagination soar to new heights.

Epic Laser Projectors

Kvant Australia Epic Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Epic

Experience the ultimate in laser projection for epic shows and unforgettable moments with the KVANT Epic!

Introducing the KVANT Epic series, a lineup of laser projectors with unparalleled power output. Choose from three models in the range, offering 100-Watt, 170-Watt, and 270-Watt full-color output, accompanied by scanners capable of creating atmospheric, abstract, and basic graphic effects. Designed to thrive in harsh outdoor environments, the Epic series features a housing built to IP65 standards, ensuring complete waterproofing and dustproofing.

At KVANT, we understand the challenges of maintaining internal color alignment for RGB modules in permanently installed lasers located far from easy access. That's why we've equipped the Epic models with Motorized Dichroic Filters as a default feature. This innovative addition simplifies the otherwise intricate procedure, making color alignment effortless.

Unleash the power of the KVANT Epic series and elevate your laser projections to new heights. Let us enhance your show with mesmerizing visuals and uncompromising performance.

Architect Laser Projectors

Kvant Australia Architect Laser Show Projectors

Pricing and specifications Architect

The revolutionary Architect range, a collection of high-power static-beam lasers also known as sky lasers or landmark lasers. Developed in response to the growing global demand for exceptionally bright lasers, these lasers are perfect for illuminating prominent landmarks, structures, and buildings.

The awe-inspiring beam emitted by Architect systems captures attention from miles away. It enhances the grandeur of natural wonders and man-made marvels, elevating them to new levels of uniqueness, allure, and desirability.


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