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Unity Laser Projectors 

Genius Laser Technology is an Australian distributor of Unity laser projectors and products. Below is a list of products from Unity including a brief description. 
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Unity Laser projectors

Unity Raw Series 

Introducing the Raw series of lasers—an exceptional entry-level RGB ILDA laser system. Perfect for DJs, clubs, hobbyists, and home use, these lasers provide an ideal starting point for anyone seeking an entry-level unit.

The Raw series offers a range of power options, from 1.7W to 10W, ensuring there is a suitable choice for every need. Experience the reliability and performance of these lasers as you embark on your laser display journey.

Whether you're a DJ looking to add a touch of visual magic to your sets, a club in need of captivating lighting effects, or a hobbyist exploring the world of lasers, the Raw series is the perfect companion. Unlock your creative potential and make a statement with these versatile entry-level lasers.

Pricing and specifications Raw 1.7
Pricing and specifications Raw 3
Pricing and specifications Raw 5
Pricing and specifications Raw 10

Unity Elite ILDA Series


Introducing the Elite ILDA series of lasers—meticulously crafted for semi-professional use, offering a perfect combination of power, performance, and value. These lasers are designed to meet the needs of DJs, clubs, and small to medium outdoor shows, providing an exceptional experience for all.

Experience the optimal balance of power and versatility within the Elite ILDA series, ranging from 2W to 10W. With this range of power options, you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements, ensuring an outstanding performance every time.

Unlock the potential of your DJ sets, elevate the atmosphere in clubs, and captivate audiences at small to medium outdoor shows with the Elite ILDA series. Experience the perfect blend of power, performance, and value in these lasers designed to enhance your events.

Pricing and specifications Elite 2 ILDA
Pricing and specifications Elite 3 ILDA
Pricing and specifications Elite 5 ILDA
Pricing and specifications Elite 10 ILDA


Unity Elite Pro FB4 Series 

Introducing the Elite PRO FB4 series—an exceptional lineup of professional RGB lasers designed exclusively for lighting professionals. These lasers provide unparalleled support for DMX, ArtNET, PC, and Autromde, offering a versatile solution for seamless integration into any lighting setup.

Experience the convenience of the integrated FB4 control system, complete with the free Quickshow software. This powerful combination empowers you to take full control of your laser displays with ease and precision.

The Elite PRO FB4 series offers a wide range of power options, from 2W to 30W, ensuring there is a laser suitable for every lighting professional's needs.

Unlock the true potential of your lighting designs with the Elite PRO FB4 series. Elevate your shows, unleash your creativity, and deliver captivating visual experiences like never before.

Pricing and specifications Elite 2 Pro FB4
Pricing and specifications Elite 3 Pro FB4
Pricing and specifications Elite 5 Pro FB4
Pricing and specifications  Elite 10 Pro FB4
Pricing and specifications Elite 20 Pro FB4
Pricing and specifications Elite 30 Pro FB4

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